How Do I Safely Transport Hazardous Materials Without Violating Regulations?

Posted by Dr. P. Andrew Karam on 11/9/2015
So you want (or need) to transport hazardous materials? Most people would probably ask “why”; if you work with hazardous materials on a regular basis you know why you’re transporting the materials – a better question is “how do I do it safely without violating any regulations?” I can go over some of the basics here, but if you’re transporting hazardous materials then you really need to schedule yourself (or one of your minions) for formal training on the subject...

Online Forklift Training

Posted by Admin on 11/6/2015
Our online forklift training course will help you comply with OSHA training requirements. Find out more here.

Confined Space Training - Web-Based Course

Posted by Admin on 11/6/2015
Our web-based Confined Space Entry training course provides the major areas of employee training required by the regulation. This course was created specifically for OSHA's Permit Required Confined Space Regulation (29 CFR Part 1910.146).

When is a Hazardous Waste Container Actually Empty? - EPA/RCRA v. DOT

Posted by Don Jackson on 11/2/2015
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) RCRA regulation allows a container that once held a non-acute hazardous waste to be considered empty and not subject to hazardous waste regulation when all waste that can be removed has been removed using common practices such as pouring, pumping, and aspirating. But did you know the DOT has a conflicting regulation? Find out more in this article.
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