Ebola and Other Scary Diseases

Posted by Dr. P. Andrew Karam on 10/30/2015
It seems as though every few years there’s another Ebola outbreak in Africa that gets the world’s attention. These epidemics are very real and they are tragedies for those who get sick, those who die, and their families. They’re also a tragedy for the medical personnel who make what is a genuinely heroic effort to care for their patients in what are typically primitive conditions – and too many of whom get sick and die as well. And they’re a tragedy for the governments that are so badly stressed dealing with a huge public health crisis...

Safety Third? Mike Rowe's Take on Workplace Safety

Posted by Admin on 10/29/2015
I ran across a safety blog article discussing a very interesting article and video produced by Mike Rowe entitled "Safety First or Just in the Top Three?" I think the Mike Rowe brings up some interesting points. I am posting a link to the video segment and also reprinting Rowe's article in its entirety because it appears the article was removed from Rowe's website at some point in the past. It looks like they updated the style of Rowe's website and neglected to keep the old content...

Road Rage

Posted by Admin on 10/21/2015
There was a heartbreaking story the news today. A 4-year-old girl was shot and killed Tuesday afternoon during a road rage incident on Interstate 40, and police have no idea who the killer is.There is no way to "win" a traffic confrontation. There is only a range of negative consequence

Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout)

Posted by Dr. P. Andrew Karam on 10/15/2015 to lockout tagout
The first time I ever heard of lockout/tagout was when I was in Machinist Mate School in the Navy. To be honest I’d never thought about the topic before – I’d never before worked anyplace more dangerous than my high school home room (unless you consider mowing lawns). When the topic first came up I was surprised – at first surprised that such a system even existed...
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