Road Rage

Posted by Admin on 10/21/2015
There was a heartbreaking story the news today. A 4-year-old girl was shot and killed Tuesday afternoon during a road rage incident on Interstate 40, and police have no idea who the killer is.There is no way to "win" a traffic confrontation. There is only a range of negative consequence

Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout)

Posted by Dr. P. Andrew Karam on 10/15/2015 to lockout tagout
The first time I ever heard of lockout/tagout was when I was in Machinist Mate School in the Navy. To be honest I’d never thought about the topic before – I’d never before worked anyplace more dangerous than my high school home room (unless you consider mowing lawns). When the topic first came up I was surprised – at first surprised that such a system even existed...

What Are My Odds of Dying From...

Posted by Don Jackson on 9/30/2015
It might seem a bit morbid, but human nature leads us to contemplate our demise. We sometimes wonder, "What are my odds of dying from..."? Are we more likely to be killed in a car crash or shot to death by an assailant? According to OSHA’s citation criteria, the chance of dying from a fall seems to rate the highest on a workers probably of dying list.

Duck and Cover, or Duct Tape and Plastic: Staying Safe When the Sh!t Hits the Fan

Posted by Dr. P. Andrew Karam on 9/28/2015
Over a decade ago there was a lot of worry that terrorists might use weapons of mass destruction against us. I was interviewed by a local radio station after a government official suggested that duct tape and plastic would solve all of our problems. My comment was along the lines of “I think someone ought to duct tape a plastic bag over his head.” The raio station requested a somewhat less controversial comment. But the question remains – will duct tape andplastic help at all?

How To Conduct a Good and Effective Safety Meeting

Posted by admin on 9/17/2015

Learn how to conduct a good and effective safety meeting by: Conducting Your Research, Picking the Right Topic, Gathering Your Training Materials, Practicing, and Engaging the Audience,

What Are Escape Hoods? How Do They Work?

Posted by Dr. P. Andrew Karam on 9/15/2015

Say there’s a fire in your facility – can your people make it to safety? Or what if you work in a facility that uses toxic chemicals or gases – ammonia, chlorine, or any of a number of other toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) – are your people protected? A lot of companies keep a store of escape hoods for their workers, to help them out in just such circumstances. And some go even further, providing hoods that can also protect against possible terrorist attacks with chemical or biological weapons. But regardless of the level of protection you need (or wish) to provide your workers, you should know something about escape hoods so you can select a good one.

Safety - The Big Picture

Posted by Dr. P. Andrew Karam on 9/8/2015
One of my favorite movies is Ferris Buehler’s Day Off, and one of my favorite scenes is at the Chicago Art Institute. Beginning with a close-up of a bunch of dots of paint, the camera zooms out to show, first, a low-resolution face and, eventually, a painting ("Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte", by Georges Seurat, for those of you who always wondered – it still amazes me how quickly you can find this sort of stuff out through Google). This is not a bad visual analogy for many things, but I’d like to think about it in terms of risk reduction. In particular, are we focused on any particular aspect of safety at the expense of losing sight of the totality of risks we face in the workplace? In other words – are we concentrating on a dot, thinking that we’re seeing the whole painting?

Do You Need A Respiratory Protection Program?

Posted by admin on 9/2/2015 to ppe
Did you know that respiratory protection was the fourth most cited OSHA violation? In 2014, there were 3,879 violations, ranking fourth for the seventh year in a row. The number one reason for receiving a citation from OSHA was the lack of a written respiratory program.With more than five million respirator users in approximately 1.3 million workplaces in the U.S., employers must be well versed in their responsibilities for providing the necessary resources to workers in order to promote safe and healthy work environments

Do Your Emergency Eyewashes and Showers Comply With ADA Regulatory Requirements?

Posted by admin on 8/3/2015
If an organization has only provided emergency eyewash and shower equipment for the fully abled people, they are not adequately prepared for all potential users. This lack of foresight could result in liability issues and potentially very damaging lawsuits.

The Big List of Free Safety Training PowerPoint Presentations

Posted by admin on 7/2/2015 to resources
Do you have a safety training session soon and need help with a PowerPoint? Check out our list of Free Safety Training PowerPoints.

Occupational Health Safety Network (OHSN) Free Surveillance System

Posted by admin on 6/30/2015
The Occupational Health Safety Network (OHSN) is a free, net-founded surveillance procedure designed by using NIOSH to decrease preventable accidents among healthcare personnel.

OSHA’s whistleblower protection program

Posted by admin on 6/29/2015
To learn more bout OSHA’s whistleblower protection software and discover what the division can do for you, please visit www.Whistleblowers.Gov.

How to Write an Emergency Action Plan

Posted by admin on 6/28/2015 to resources
If your workplace has 10 or more employees and any amount of a hazardous substance on hand, you are required by OSHA 29 CFR 1910.38 & .39 to have an emergency action plan. The plan must be in writing, kept in the workplace, and available to employees for review. However, an employer with 10 or fewer employees may communicate the plan orally to employees.

Confined Space Air Monitoring - Direct Reading Portable Gas Monitors

Posted by admin on 5/26/2015

Workplace environments, such as permit-required confined spaces, manholes, and other enclosed spaces often contain deadly toxic and combustible gases and vapors as well as oxygen deficient atmospheres. Therefore, it is the employer’s responsibility to take reasonable steps to ensure that appropriate monitoring of such environments are taken and enforced.

Remember: Always Call Before You Dig

Posted by admin on 4/29/2015 to construction
Whether you are planting trees and shrubs, installing a fence or deck, doing it yourself or hiring a professional, call 811 before you dig!

Funny Safety Videos - Interesting, Funny, and Some Downright Dangerous Examples of What Not to Do

Posted by admin on 3/13/2015 to funny
Top 10 Safety Fail Videos - Be warned: A couple of these videos may not be safe for work (bad language, inappropriate, etc.).

When Batteries Can Become Destructive or Even Deadly

Posted by Admin on 2/2/2015 to office
Did you know that one of the United States founding fathers created the battery? Benjamin Franklin is believed to have created the battery in 1749. Franklin was one of the first people to experiment with electricity. He was first to use the word "battery" to describe sheets of glass coated with metal, also known as capacitors. And, these capacitors were able to sustain an electrical charge.

It Doesn’t Pay to Fall Down on the Job

Posted by admin on 1/6/2015 to construction
In December 2014 OSHA cited Affordable Exteriors for two willful violations carrying proposed penalties of $140,000, for failure to provide required fall protection and fall protection training. Learn how to protect your workers and avoid OSHA fines.

When Hard Hats Become Dangerous

Posted by admin on 12/1/2014
Often overlooked issues about hard hat maintenance and expiration...

How to Avoid a $119,500 Fine

Posted by Admin on 11/3/2014 to lockout tagout
Does your company ignore lockout/tagout procedures?

How Do We Handle Hazardous Materials?

Posted by Admin on 9/30/2014 to hazmat
How do we handle hazardous materials? Before handling or being exposed to a hazardous material, we must find out exactly what the material is. Does the material display one or more of following characteristics?

The Big List of Free Online Safety Training Courses

Posted by Admin on 8/6/2014 to resources
A comprehensive list of free online safety training courses. OSHA and General Workplace Safety Training

Corrosion on Portable Fire Extinguishers Can Kill!

Posted by Admin on 8/4/2014 to fire safety
Did you know corrosion on Portable Fire Extinguishers can be deadly? Learn the warning signs and what you can do to prevent it in this article.

The Big List of Free Safety Posters - Available for Download

Posted by Admin on 7/31/2014 to resources
We compiled a huge list of links where you can download a wide variety of safety posters for free!

Preventing Back Injuries in the Workplace

Posted by Admin on 7/2/2014 to back safety
Preventing back injuries during work involves knowing what to do before, during and after the most common causes of back injury in the workplace… lifting, sitting and standing. These everyday activities cause injury to workers usually because of repetition, overexertion, fatigue and improper technique. Pursuing the following mindsets can help prevent these types of injuries:
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