What to Do Before & After Work to Prevent Back Injury At Work

Posted by Admin on 7/2/2014 to back safety
Since every activity a person performs - from sleeping to sitting to lifting - involves using the back, preventing back injury requires a 24/7 approach. In other words, preventing back injuries in the workplace involves considering what a person does not just during the actual lifting on the job, but also the habits used before and after work as well. These habits, along with those used while on the job, create the best chances for maintaining a healthy back.

Preventing Back Injuries in the Workplace

Posted by Admin on 7/2/2014 to back safety
Preventing back injuries during work involves knowing what to do before, during and after the most common causes of back injury in the workplace… lifting, sitting and standing. These everyday activities cause injury to workers usually because of repetition, overexertion, fatigue and improper technique. Pursuing the following mindsets can help prevent these types of injuries: