Workplace Harassment in the Office Safety Meeting Kit
Workplace Harassment in the Office Safety Meeting Kit

Workplace Harassment in the Office Safety Meeting Kit

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List Price: $329.00
Classification: General Safety & Health
Length of Video(in Minutes): 17
Year Produced: 2007
Description: Workplace Harassment in the Office Safety Meeting Kit discusses the various types of harassment that are found in the workplace, how they can affect an employee's work situation and what employees themselves can do to help prevent workplace harassment. When people hear the word harassment they usually think of sexually-related activity.  But harassment encompasses a wide range of behavior from practical jokes to intimidation.  It can also include threats, verbal abuse and discrimination, even stalking and assault and anyone can be subject to it.  Materials in the kit include a video program, five motivational posters, and 30 employee booklets. The posters in the kit remind employees to be sensitive to situations that have the potential to constitute harassment. The DVD and employee booklets include information on the nature of workplace harassment, how to recognize various types of harassment, how to handle verbal abuse and threats, the many forms harassment can take, how to recognize the many variations of assault, knowing what to do, and what not to do, when confronted with a stalker, how fostering a positive workplace environment can increase productivity and safety, and more. The DVD program in the kit comes with a comprehensive leader's guide, reproducible scheduling & attendance form, employee quiz, training certificate and training log.

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