Wire Rope for Offshore Cranes

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Length: 19 Min.
Year Produced:1988
...In describing wire rope it's necessary to talk about wire rope construction. There are many different types of wire rope construction to do many different jobs. To make easier to identify the different types of wire rope they are separated into classes by the manufacturer. Each class may have many different types of construction. For example. Ford could be considered a class of car, and Pinto, Maverick, LTD, etc.could be considered a type of Ford car. By the same token, 6 X 19 Class wire rope has eight or more types of construction within that 6 X 19 class. Therefore, it is recommended that aWire Rope.jpg (5765 bytes) certain type of construction be ordered instead of Class, even though the manufacturers of wire rope ask that the wire rope be ordered by class, always order the exact wire rope as needed for your application. Before we go into the wire ropes used on a crane, we should know what the numbers mean in, say, a 6 X 25 wire rope. The first number 6 means that the are are 6 strands or larger wires making up the wire rope and the second number 25 means that there are 25 smaller wires laid around each other to make up each strand. There are other wires in some wire ropes that should be mentioned. These are called filler wires, they help....

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