Water Entry and Survival Techniques

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Length: 27 Min.
Year Produced:1996

Water Entry and Survival Techniques
Water entry should be your last possible avenue of escape in an abandonment situation, however if you find yourself with no other openings this video can help you beat the odds against drowning and severe cold water temperatures. Items discussed and demonstrated include immersion suits, the use of clothing and PFD's as protection from the environment, clothing inflation for buoyancy, water entry from a height, individual personnel controlled abandonment devices, the HELP position, survival rings, hypothermia, swimming under fire, protection from predators, dealing with high seas, and how a positive attitude can keep you alive.

Script Sample
A "survival carpet", for personnel in immersion suits , allows the group to ride out high breaking seas, increases the group's visibility from above, allows the hypothermic disabled to ride on top of the carpet reducing exposure, and positions the group such that the entire horizon can be searched for potential rescuers.

If necessary a group of immersion suit survivors can wrap their legs around one another to form a survival chain and use their arms to swing to a life raft, life boat, or to join other survivors.

For individuals only protected by a PFD, a Heat Escape Lessening Position, should be taken at all times throughout the year, as water temperatures even in summer are still colder than the body's temperature. The H.E.L.P. position reduces the rate of heat loss from the body and provides additional time before the body succumbs to Hypothermia.

To attain this position bring both arms....


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