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Length of Video(in Minutes): 16
Publisher: Digital-2000, Inc.
Description: This video was taped in a supermarket warehouse setting, however, it can be applied to any warehouse operation that uses electric pallet jacks. Demonstrates operator safety and maintenance procedures.

Excerpt: A walkie stacker is an extremely important part of manyorganizations’ material handling responsibilities. However extreme caution mustbe taken when using this type of equipment. It’s important to know as much aspossible about the equipments, its controls, levers, maintenance, and loadcarrying capacities so you’ll have the knowledge necessary to use thisequipment safely.

A walkie-stacker is different than any other type ofequipment you use, particularly the way it handles and its center of gravity.In many ways it works like a forklift, but in some ways it’s totally differentin its operation. The walkie stacker model forklift is designed for the personto operate the truck while walking, not riding the equipment. Unlike the riderforklifts, or counter-balanced equipment that are designed for heavier loads.The walkie stackers are designed for less demanding loads and shorter traveldistances. Quite often this equipment is called a straddle truck as itstraddles the load. Don’t let the names confused you. Walkie stacker, truck, orstraddle truck means the same thing. As with any equipment you must be trainedto operate the equipment, and you must be authorized by your company before youoperate the walkie stacker. The walkie stacker is easy and safe to operate ifyou follow the rules. If you fail to follow the rules this equipment can bedangerous.

walkie stacker safety video

Okay, let’s take a look at the controls of the walkiestacker. First, there’s the key switch. This switch allows the operator to turnthe walkie stacker on and off. On the handle you’ll find different buttons,each with different functions. The throttle controls on this model are twistgrips. Rolling the grip forward, you move the truck forward. Rolling towardsthe rear, and the truck moves in reverse. If you’re new to operating thisequipment it’s critically that you master these controls or you could beinviting an accident or an injury. The speed of the truck is controlled by thesettings for fast or slow movement. There’s a switch that raises the load, anda switch that lowers the load. Obviously you must become very experienced andunderstand how to use these switches. Pushing the horn button activates thewalkie stacker horn, a very important feature. The red button is the safetyreversing switch which automatically reverses the direction of the walkiestacker should the handle contact the operator, or a fixture, wall, or otherobstruction. It’s a safety feature to keep a person from being crushed againsta wall or other object. The handle also acts as the steering mechanism. Thereis a control that extends the forks. And one that adjusts the tilt of the load.In case of emergency there is a battery disconnect switch. It’s used in thecase of an equipment malfunction, or other emergency. By pressing the leverdown it disconnects the battery and turns the truck off. Each model walkiestacker truck may be slightly different and the configuration of the controlson your particular piece of equipment may differ slightly, but their functionis the same. Know where all your controls are located, and make sure youunderstand how to use them, and what function each of these controls performs.To ensure your equipment is functioning properly you must perform a dailyinspection at the beginning of your shift before you operate the equipment.This inspection should be thorough. Don’t give the walkie stacker a quickonce-over. It’s important to provide a thorough inspection. Basically there aretwo parts to the inspection. First, with the key in the off position, andsecondly, with the key on and the battery engaged.

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