Transportation Safety: A Guide to Offshore Personnel Transfers

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Length: 30 Min.
Year Produced:1991

Transportation Safety:
A guide to Offshore Personnel Transfers

Vehicle Safety:
Thirty five percent of all on the job fatalities result from motor vehicle accidents. This section of the program promotes safety precautions and practices that can be used to lessen the chance of motor vehicle accidents. These include vehicle maintenance, the physical and mental condition of the driver, basic driving skills, and driving at night or in bad weather.

Crewboat Safety:
The "Crewboat Safety" section encourages safe transfer practices such as wearing required personal safety equipment, knowing the location of PFD's, lifeboats, lifefloats and other safety devices, avoiding back injuries while loading, and acting responsibly during emergency situations.

Personnel Basket Safety: Personnel can be transferred by a platform's crane to and from the boat below by use of a personnel basket. The viewer will learn how to keep the knees bent, limits to the number of riders, loading of lightweight gear and how to step off upon landing.

Swing Rope Safety:
A swing rope allows personnel to transfer at water level from the boat to the platform. The viewer learns the methods of transfer for heavy and lightweight cargoes. The programs shows the proper method of using the swingrope and how to assist other crewmembers after landing.

Helicopter Safety:
Statistically, flying in a helicopter is a safer mode of transportation than driving in a car. However, a helicopter can be very intimidating for inexperienced crewmembers. This section discusses passenger guidelines, such as providing the correct total weight of himself and his gear to the dispatcher, approaching the helicopter from the front, avoiding the tail rotor, and listening to the pilot's preflight briefing. Also shown are the importance of wearing lifevests and seatbelts, autorotation, and emergency evacuation techniques.
Script Sample

...Upon arrival at the offshore platform, there are two methods of transfer used. The personnel basket and the swing rope.

Here we can see a personnel basket being lowered to the deck.

All personnel to be transferred by a personnel basket shall wear a properly fastened life jacket or work vest and a hard hat.

As the basket lands firmly on the deck, place your lightweight luggage in the bottom center of the basket. Any heavy items such as a tool case should be transferred to the platform in a cargo net or grocery box using the platform's crane...


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