The Operation of Offshore Mechanical Cranes

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The operator shall also take care during hoisting to prevent sudden acceleration or deceleration of the load. Sudden starts and stops when raising or lowering a load must be avoided. And when rotating the the crane sudden stops and starts must be avoided. As you swing a load, centrifugal force will cause the load to swing further away. This out swing increases the load radius and may overload the machinery capacity. Always swing slow enough to prevent an outward movement of the load and any tendency toward over swinging the load when stopping the swing. A tag or restraint line can be used whenever centrifugal force may present this problem.Side loading of booms is limited to freely suspended loads Cranes shall not be used dragging loads sideways across the decks as this does side load the boom and booms are not designed for side loads. Instead the operator is to move his crane into position to properly handle the load, or the load can be moved by other safe means to within the reach of the crane.When lowering the load or the boom, the operator should never lower them to a point where less than three to five full wraps of rope remain on their respective drums, according to the manufacturers of the drum. This procedure prevents the cable from being accidentally pulled out of the dead end of the drum.When the crane is to be operated at a fixed radius, the boom hoist pawl, or other positive lockingdevice should be engaged.

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