The Big List of Free Online Safety Training Courses

Posted by Admin on 8/6/2014 to resources
Due to the popularity of our free safety video article and free safety poster article we decided to put together another list of free resources for visitors to this website. Once again, thanks for visiting! Please feel free to use any of the social media tools below to share this page with your colleagues.

OSHA & Safety Training Delivered on Learning Management Systems (LMS):

These courses are usually more professional and would ordinarily have the capacity to track the progress of each individual trainee. There is usually an exam at the end. For most organizations an LMS-based training program is the standard method of delivering online training. Usually features a good mix of video, audio, and text for optimum delivery of educational content.

Most of the free LMS-based courses below are designed to demonstrate a paid service or product and therefore do not have the ability to track individual trainee progress.

Registration is usually required, and after signing up expect to be contacted in some form by a salesperson.


    This website offers 1 free course per month as an enticement to use their system, but the rest you have to pay for.


    This is a stunning and professional online safety training portal supported by an LMS which features a beautiful interface and quizzes. This portal offers a comprehensive training program featuring a variety of topics (approximately 30 to 40 safety/osha topics). Some Spanish courses are available. While the content is hosted on an LMS there is no ability to track individual trainee progress. The training portal appears to have been funded by Habitat for Humanity.


    A dozen or so online training courses sponsored by Oregon. Certificate available at completion. Registration required.


    This is our training portal. Approximately 100 different OSHA/Safety topics. Free courses are available for demonstration purposes. Registration required. Tracking of individual trainees available for the paid courses. This is the best online training portal currently available (it's ours so of course we are biased!).


    This site is very heavy on General Business and Human Resources related training courses. There is one course on workplace safety that covers a couple of different courses. Free. Easy-to-use interface.


    Opensourcesafety claims to be a free online training course. I have been unable to review this site. Requires registration to view the courses, but after several days I still have not received the registration e-mail. Stay tuned.


    Ladder Safety training delivered on a nice-looking LMS. Funded by Werner CO.

Text-based instruction:

Think 90s era web-based instruction. Simple, text-based/html instruction without the capacity to track individual trainee progress is simply not acceptable for most organizations, but many small companies and individuals still use these resources because they are better than nothing. No audio or video component. Some pictures.


    A large library of different OSHA and safety-related topics. The courses are text-based training modules for the most part, supplemented by images and a few short videos. They charge for the certificate once you complete the course, and also link to or sell more comprehensive courses such as 40-hour HAZWOPER, etc.

    Terrible early 90s website design, but they have free text-based courses on HAZCOM, PPE, Back Safety, Forklift, Hearing Conservation, etc.

    Text and picture based online training. Simple, straight-forward, variety of topics.

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