The Anthrax Threat (Schools)

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The Anthrax Threat - In the past few years there have been numerous threats of exposure to anthrax through letters and phone calls. Nationally, more than 400 anthrax hoax letters have been reported since the late 1990s; however, none has contained any anthrax spores. Since Sept. 11, 2001, that has changed and the threat is real. Topics covered in this safety video include:  threatening phone calls, letter threats, inhalation of anthrax spores, treatable with antibiotics, and pre-incident planning. Runtime: 15 Min. WITH PURCHASE OF ANY ENGLISH VHS OR DVD YOU WILL RECEIVE A FREE WRITTEN MATERIAL CD-Rom. The CD-ROM of written materials may include: Leaders Guides, Questions & Answers, Manuals, and Power Points. Contents vary depending on program.

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