Terrorism: Radiological Weapons

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Part Number:RW0401
Part Number: RW0401
Length: 30 Min

Part of the Terrorism Response Series. Available separately or as a part of the series.
A credible scenario is the use of a dirty bomb, consisting of explosives and radioactive materials. This important program uses footage of emergency responders performing actual training exercises to respond to scenarios involving radiological weapons - potentially the most fearsome weapons in the terrorism arsenal! Topics covered:

* The nature of radioactivity
* Immediate and long-term health hazards of exposure
* Response and protective actions
* Search and rescue procedures
* Using time, distance and shielding for protection
* Exposure limits for emergency response and survival
* Use of radiation alert devices
* Size-up issues
* Use of protective clothing and equipment. .
* Leader's Guide included. 30 minutes

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