Terrorism: Chemical Weapons

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Part Number:CW9901
Part Number: CW9901
Length: 26 Min

Part of the Terrorism Response Series. Available separately or as a part of the series.
Designed to provide training and response guidelines to emergency personnel who would be called upon to respond to a terrorist incident involving chemical agents.

* Profiles four chemical agent classes: lethal agents (nerve agents and blood agents); choking agents; blister agents and incapacitating agents
* Toxicology and symptoms of exposure of specific agents within each class
* Possible targets
* Likely terrorist dissemination devices for chemical agents
* Warning signs and indicators of a chemical attack
* Site control
* Protective clothing
* Incident management
* Specialized equipment and supplies.
* How terrorists may weaponize chemical agents
* Using hazmat response protocols
* Assessing risks to responders as well as to the community
* Decontamination of victims, equipment and responders
* Managing casualties
* Air monitoring and instruments. 26 minutes.
* Leader's Guide Included

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