Terrorism: Biological Weapons

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Part Number:BW9901
Part Number: BW9901
Length: 29 Min

Part of the Terrorism Response Series. Available separately or as a part of the series.
Provides training and response guidelines to emergency personnel who would be called upon to respond to a terrorist incident involving biological agents.

* Possible targets
* Likely terrorist devices
* Hazmat response protocols
* Site management and control
* Protective clothing
* Specialized equipment and supplies
* Incident management
* Addresses three different scenarios: (1)Intelligence agencies uncover the probability of a known threat and responders are called out to support the operations of the agencies; (2)a device is actually discovered, either prior to or following a release; and (3) an attack goes unrecognized until a number of victims develop symptoms.
* Examines - viruses, bacteria, toxins and rickettsia. How biological agents are be delivered
* Incubation periods
* Determining the dispersal site. 29 minutes.

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