Sodium and Calcium Hypochlorite (Safety Video)

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Sodium and Calcium Hypochlorite program will cover the use, storage and safe use of sodium and calcium hypochlorite Sodium and Calcium Hypochlorite are products widely used throughout industry as well as in water and waste water agencies. You may also see these products used most commonly as pool and spa disinfection products. Sodium Hypochlorite is the main ingredient in laundry bleach. It is used extensively as a bleaching agent in the textile, detergents, and paper and pulp industries. In food processing, Sodium Hypochlorite is widely used as a food sanitizer. In our industry, Sodium and Calcium Hypochlorite is heavily relied on as a disinfectant in water and wastewater treatment. These are powerful agents, which are used to disinfect water due to their ability to kill bacteria and other pathogens such as viruses, parasites, and fungus that may lurk in the water supply. Key Words: Sodium, Calcium Hypochlorite, Use, Storage, Waste Water, Pool and Spa Disinfection, Bleaching Agent, Detergents, Food Processing, Food Sanitizer, Waste Water Treatment, Pathogens, Viruses, Parasites, Fungus, Safety Video, Safety Training, Safety DVD. Runtime: 12 Min. WITH PURCHASE OF ANY ENGLISH VHS OR DVD YOU WILL RECEIVE A FREE WRITTEN MATERIAL CD-Rom.  The CD-ROM of written materials may include: Leaders Guides, Questions & Answers, Manuals, and Power Points. Contents vary depending on program.

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