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Length of Video(in Minutes): 10
Publisher: Digital-2000, Inc.
Description: This video is all about the S.T.E.P. program of hazwoper or Safety Training and Emergency Preparedness. It lays a good foundation for the employee to learn all about Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (or Hazwoper). Along with this there is a general survey of the CERCLA and CFR laws that are in place when dealing with hazardous materials.


S.T.E.P. stands for safety, training, and emergency preparedness. Today we'lldiscuss what this means and explain your responsibilities in meeting currentsafety, health, and environmental laws/rules/procedures. The objective of theS.T.E.P. program is to provide all the information you need to help you do yourjob as safely as possible. We

consider injury and illness prevention a major concern. Accidents which result inpersonal injury or damaged property and equipment are a needless waste. It is managementÆspolicy to maintain strict standards of safety and to be prepared to cope withemergency situations. You may use certain materials that require specificcautions to protect our employee's health. It is our policy to identify and communicate toemployees any potential job hazards, including those associated with handlingcertain chemicals. This policy includes communicating risks of exposure to anymaterial which may cause cancer, or reproductive problems under certainconditions. There is a tendency to
sometimes regard safety as someone else's job. However, on going concerns forindividual safety and health, injury prevention, and the protection of the environmenthave made safety an integral part of every employee's job. It is managementÆs responsibilityto ensure job safety and that chemical information is obtained and explained toemployees. It is each employee's responsibility to follow company safetystandards. Safety training and emergency preparedness STEP is not a new responsibilityfor employees. All employees are expected to function in a safe and helpfulmanner. Safety is an important part of our daily activities. This programof employee training is a part of our continuing commitment to employee safety. Some principals of theSTEP program may be new to you, so as a review we'll list the programs: TRAINYOU in CPR, FIRST AID, and HAZWOPER. REVIEW in CHANGES, CONTROL MEASURES, AND PROCEDURES.  Summarize complexsafety, health, and environmental rules and regulations. Explain the company's policyof total compliance with the spirit and letter of these rules and regulations.Train you to comply with all the rules and regulations.

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