Safe Offshore Personnel Basket Transfer Procedures and Equipment Criteria

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The Personnel Basket, also referred to as a Personnel Net, has been used by the Offshore Oil industry for many years and with adherence to properly prescribed operating practices and procedures can be used very safely and effectively in even harsh maritime conditions...InspectionThe personnel basket also needs to be inspected. The crane operator, rigger and a qualified inspector must regularly inspect the personnel basket for damage and defects, such as frayed ropes or cracks in the flotation ring.They should also make sure that a tagline is securely attached to the personnel basket. A tag line is used to help control the basket when it is near the deck and to stabilize the swinging basket.A tag line should be of sufficient length to allow the rigger to handle the Basket without placing himself underneath the suspended load. Knots shall not be placed in tag lines to assist in gripping the rope. Knots and a swinging loose line can cause the line to hang up on equipment, handrails, and tubulars resulting in the basket and personnel being lifted, to be jerked suddenly or rotated out of control. A tag line constructed of a stiffened material will reduce the likely hood ofit becoming ensnarled...Other critical components to inspect before each use include:* Checking the upper and lower master links for deformities, cracks, heat damage, and worn spots.* Scrutinize closely the lifting sling or slings, utilizing wire rope sling inspection criteria and take a good look at any optional safety slings that may be utilized.* The stabilizer, which is a safety feature made up of three shock cords wrapped in herculite casing and helps prevent the basket from collapsing as it surges up and down on the boat deck. Look for a torn herculite cover and broken rubbers. Check that the shackles at each end of the stabilizer are made up and secured with tie wire.* All ultraline polypropylene fiber rope rigging should be checked for tears, crushed spots, and cuts. Look for wear and any loose or unspliced ropes. Oil and dirt will reduce the life of the ropes.* The aluminum top ring and lower steel base ring should have the foam and canvas tightly attached to them. Look for bent or broken places on the metal and torn places on the herculite cover.* The platform base of the basket should have the herculite tarp tightly stretched across the luggage area and should be attached securely to all sides. Look for any torn or cut places.* The five rubber chaffing pads that the base ring sits on should be securely attached with steel banding.Recommended Practice For Crane Suspended Offshore Personnel Transfers

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