Response to Anthrax Threats

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Part Number:AX0104
Part Number: AX0104
Length: 29 min

Part of the Terrorism Response Series. Available separately or as a part of the series
Five common scenarios involving threats are examined and proper response procedures for each are illustrated:

* A threat is made but no substance is discovered
* An unopened letter or package is discovered that claims to contain anthrax
* A package is opened that claims to contain anthrax, but no suspicious material is included
* A package or letter is opened that claims to contain anthrax, and a suspicious substance is found
* A suspicious powder is found, but no threat has been made.

Other topics covered:

* Protective clothing and equipment
* Obtaining samples
* Handling victims
* Clean-up. 29 minutes.
* Purchase includes a supply of handy wallet-sized response guides. 29 minutes.

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