Respiratory Safety - Safety Game
Respiratory Safety - Safety Game

Respiratory Safety - Safety Game

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Classification: Regulatory Compliance
Length of Video(in Minutes): 25
Year Produced: 1999
Publisher: MARCOM Group Ltd., The
System Requirements: 486/66 or better; 8 MB RAM; 40MB hard disk space; Sound board; Speaker system; 256-color VGA display; 1MB RAM Local video bus; CD-ROM drive (double speed or better).
Description: MARCOM's "Respiratory Safety" Safety Game reviews for employees why it is important that they learn to recognize... and guard against... respiratory hazards. Both OSHA and NIOSH have recently issued changes to their Respiratory Protection Training Requirements. This Game includes those changes... such as new fit testing protocols and cleaning/disinfecting procedures... as well as shows examples of the new "N" class respirator and other respirators being used in a variety of settings. One of the problems with many respiratory hazards (such as fumes or gases) is that employees can not easily "see" them. Even more visible hazards, such as dusts, are often accepted as part of a "normal" work environment. As a result, many respiratory problems only become clearly evident well after the original exposure. Yet once they occur, most respiratory problems are "chronic" and long lasting. The Game includes information on the physiology of the human respiratory system, how the respiratory system functions, common causes of respiratory problems, potential effects of hazards, respiratory safety practices, the use of respiratory safety equipment, and more.

The Safety Game is a Jeopardy-style, computer-based training game that involves all employees in the training process. Employees are divided into teams that compete to obtain the best game score. The trainer acts as the game show “Host”, controlling the game board through the computer (the computer image is projected on a wall or screen in the classroom, or hooked up to a large monitor that all employees can see). Each Game consists of a 20 to 25 question match. Questions are divided into categories of important information from the topic. Games can be purchased alone... or with MARCOM’s Videotape Program on the same subject for the ultimate safety training session (show the Video, then play the Game). Games (as well as matching videos) are available on over 20 topics. A demo of The Safety Game can be downloaded from the internet.

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