Respiratory Protection And Safety DVD Regulatory Compliance Kit
Respiratory Protection And Safety DVD Regulatory Compliance Kit

Respiratory Protection And Safety DVD Regulatory Compliance Kit

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List Price: $449.00
Classification: Regulatory Compliance
Length of Video(in Minutes): 23
Year Produced: 2006
Publisher: MARCOM Group Ltd., The
Description: MARCOM's "Respiratory Protection and Safety" Regulatory Compliance Kitâ„¢ has been created specifically to involve employees in the process of understanding respiratory hazards and to help facilities in fulfilling OSHA's Respiratory Standards (29 CFR,1910.103, 134) training requirements.

One of the problems with many respiratory hazards (such as fumes or gases) is that employees can not easily "see" them. Even more visible hazards, such as dusts, are often accepted as part of a "normal" work environment. As a result, many respiratory problems only become clearly evident well after the original exposure. Yet once they occur, most respiratory problems are "chronic" and long lasting. To further protect employees from these hazards, both OSHA and NIOSH have issued changes to their Respiratory Protection Requirements. The Videotape and Employee Booklets incorporates information required by the revised Standard, including how the respiratory system "works", common types of respiratory hazards, causes of respiratory problems, potential effects of respiratory hazards, good respiratory safety practices, respiratory safety equipment, fit testing protocols, cleaning/disinfecting procedures, and more.

Materials in the Kit include a Videotape Program, a Compliance Manual, five motivational Posters, and 30 Employee Booklets. The Compliance Manual provides a detailed summary of the information needed to comply with the OSHA Standard, as well as a complete "fill-in-the-blank" Respiratory Protection Program. The Posters in the Kit emphasize the importance of respiratory safety. The Videotape Program in the Kit comes with a comprehensive Leader's Guide, reproducible Scheduling & Attendance Form, Employee Quiz, Training Certificate and Training Log.

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