Respiratory Protection 5-Min Video

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Length of Video(in Minutes): 5
Publisher: Digital-2000, Inc.
Description: Quick 5-Min Video on Respiratory Protection.

Excerpt: The health of every worker is an important part of youroverall safety program. Of particular importance is the health and safety ofthose persons assigned to jobs with potential health hazards such as workingwith chemicals, exposure to gas, fumes, dusts, and mists. Spray paintingoperations may have health hazards if proper precautions are not taken.Naturally the most effective method of protecting workers is to reduce thehazard by using ventilation, non-toxic chemicals, and other engineeringmethods. Quite often these hazards may not be controlled by engineering methodsso personal protection may then be required. That’s what we want to discusstoday, specifically discussing the basics of respiratory protection. We can’tlist all the hazards or even all the solutions to the problem, but we can pointout some basic safety rules that apply generally to anyone using personalprotective equipment, specifically respirators.

An effective respiratory protection program begins with yourcompany. The company is responsible for providing the proper equipment for theintended purpose. The company is also responsible for establishing andmaintaining a respiratory protection program which includes the following.

1)      Awritten standard operating procedure governing the selection and use ofrespirators

2)      Respiratorsshould be selected on the basis of hazards to which the worker is exposed. Thisseems common sense, but it is a very complex and technical area that requireswhat the hazards are such as specific chemicals, fumes, gases, and so on. Ifyou know the hazard you can select the proper protection for that hazard

3)      Theuser shall be instructed and trained in the proper use of respirators.

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