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RS Solutions

RS Solutions

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Part Number:RS-Solutions-2000

Product Number: RS-Solutions-2000

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Classification: Radiation Safety

Year Produced: n/a

Publisher: Nevada Technical Associates, Inc.

Description:  RS Solutions is a Microsoft Access database application that provides your Radiation Safety Office with a powerful tool to store, organize and view its records and data. The software is user friendly and is based on the familiar Windows environment including command buttons, pull-down lists, and on-screen help. The software can be customized to fit the specific needs of your organization. This software is compatible with Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP and NT.

RS solutions will increase the accuracy and efficiency of your radiation safety office by providing information that was previously unavailable or difficult to retrieve. With this software, your office can avoid the common regulatory violations that occur from poor and inefficient record keeping.

The database opens with a MAIN MENU, which allows the user to select from one of nine categories: Authorized Users, Radiation Workers, Dosimetry, Radioactive Materials, X-Ray Machines, Radioactive Waste, Laboratories, Equipment and Miscellaneous.

Each of the categories on the main menu allow you to access other menus and perform a large number of functions related to the category. An image of the main menu is shown here.

If you would like a free demo version, please call us. Please mention the product code above when ordering either the demo.

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