Operation, Maintenance, and Safety of Hydraulic Lattice Boom Marine Cranes

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Length: 27 Min.
Year Produced:1988
It is the crane operator's responsibility to ensure that the crane he is operating is in excellent operating condition. It is also his responsibility that he be aware of the characteristics of a crane, and not attempt to operate a crane he has not been qualified for .One of the first ways to ensure that your crane is maintained properly is to thoroughly check all critical components at the beginning of every shift.Let's begin with the crane's power supply, which in this case is a diesel engine. before starting it up, be sure to check the engine oil level. If it is below the add or low mark, fill it up with the manufacturer's recommended grade of oil for your particular operating climate and conditions.Next check the coolant level in the radiator and add fluid as necessary......If your prime mover requires fuel, don't forget to fill it up before operation begins. It could be very embarrassing and dangerous if the crane were to run out of fuel in the middle of a lift. Cranes should not be refueled with the engine running. Make sure that while refueling that spills or overflows will not run onto engine, exhaust, or electrical equipment. And of course, never smoke or allow an open flame while refueling.

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