Operation, Maintenance, and Safety of Hydraulic Box Boom Marine Cranes

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Length: 18 Min.
Year Produced:1988
Visually inspect the machine for cracks in the welds or any other signs of damage, such as broken or missing capscrews, nuts, cotter pins, keepers, or fasteners. Machines operating near salt water are subject to damage from corrosion and must be kept clean and lubricated for safe operation...... As you get ready to start the crane up, make sure all controls are in the neutral position. Look around to see that the area is clear of all obstructions, including helicopters and personnel.After starting the prime mover, let it idle for several minutes to warm up. this is especially important in cold weather operation. Check the tachometer, coolantOperation Hydro Box Boom Cranes.jpg (8591 bytes) temperature, and oil pressure gauges...…It is especially important to check all components of the crane prior to making a lift. Make sure the control levers work freely with no sticking or binding. Listening for any unusual noises, operate all of the functions of the crane, including turning the winches, swinging the upper, telescoping the boom, and fully cycling all cylinders. If your hear any unusual noises form the hydraulic system or pump, immediately shut down. A condition such as a cavitating pump can be dangerous and cause serious damage to the pump and other crane components....

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