Nuclear Radiation And Anti-Terror Training Video

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Description: This video was developed with the assistance of Homeland Security, Louisiana Emergency Response, and the 62nd Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Response Team. Additionally, Chris Troesh, a Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical expert has made this program easy to understand and provides needed information for anyone who may be exposed to nuclear radiation, primarily from the explosion of a dirty bomb, or accidental release. This is a training program for all employees, as the threat of a dirty bomb in the USA is high.


When people think of nuclear weapons, generally the thoughtthat comes into their minds is a massive mushroom cloud over Hiroshima,or the tests in the southwest, or the islands in the pacific. However, thelikelihood of a terrorist attack using a military nuclear weapon is extremelyremote. Even well-funded terrorists have attempted to obtain nuclear weapons onthe black market offering 2 billion dollars for a nuclear warhead, yet theywere unable to obtain one. This program today will provide you factualinformation and an understanding of the real threat, and how you can reasonablyprotect yourself in a worst-case scenario. Knowledge about radiological weaponswill go a long way in protection in the event a disaster should occur. The realthreat lies with a radiological weapon and radiological dispersion devices, orRDD.

nuclear radiation anti-terror training video

Alpha particles are composed of two neutrons and twoprotons. Alpha particles cannot penetrate the skin, and can be shielded by athin layer of paper or clothing. If an alpha particle does come in contact withliving tissue either through inhalation, a wound, or ingestion, the alphaparticles can do localized damage to the tissue. Alpha particles will nottravel very far from the alpha emitter. Alpha is a large particle, it'spositive, actually you don't need protection with alpha radiation. It doesn'tpenetrate clothing or skin. The main hazard would be if you ingest it, orinhale it.

Beta radiation, unlike alpha radiation, is moderately penetrating.It will penetrate to the germinal layer where new skin cells are produced. Ifbeta particles or emitters are allowed to stay on the skin they may cause skininjuries similar to a burn, and if internalized will cause damage to theinternal tissue of the body. Personal protective equipment will provide someprotection for most beta radiation. Beta particles can travel a meter or sofrom the beta emitter.

Gamma radiation is extremely penetrating. It will penetratemost materials. An easy way of thinking about gamma radiation is to think of anx-ray. Gamma radiation constitutes both an external and internal hazard forhumans. Dense materials like lead are needed to shield against Gamma radiation.PPE provides little protection, but should still be worn because alpha and betaparticles often accompany gamma radiation. Gamma rays can travel relatively farfrom its source. Many companies use gamma radiation to sterilize medicalequipment such as intravenous fluid, gauze, band-aids, and myriads of other medicalsupplies all sterilized using gamma radiation.

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