New Jersey Labor Law Poster
New Jersey Labor Law Poster

New Jersey Labor Law Poster

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This product is comprised of two posters for a total of $39.95 due to the amount of content that must be posted.

The Laws Never Looked So Good…

We provide a combined labor law poster that includes all the standard State and Federal labor Laws & OSHA Regulations you are required to post. A simple solution at an exceptionally low price assures compliance with the mandatory postings requirements imposed on all businesses in every state.

New Jersey State Posting Requirements

  • NJ State Wage and Hour Law Abstract
  • Abstract Relating to Payment of Wages
  • Unemployment & Disability Insurance Discrimination in Employment
  • Conscientious Employee Protection Act (English on poster - Spanish Supplemental will be mailed out with each order)

Also Included - Recommended To Post

  • NJ Child Labor Law Abstract
  • Family Leave Act
  • Discrimination in Public Accommodations
  • Discrimination in Housing
  • Schedule of Hours of Labors of Minors
  • Employee Rights are Protected

Additional Information

  • Workers' Compensation - Notice to Employers/Employees - This yellow informational posting will direct employers to place certificate of insurance next to this poster and will refer employees to the certificate for coverage inquiries or to their personnel office for further information.

Federal Posting Requirements

  • Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law
  • Federal Minimum Wage
  • Employee Polygraph Notice
  • Federal OSHA "It's the Law"
  • IRS Withholding Notice
  • Payday Notice
  • USERRA - Your Rights Under USERRA

Also Included - Recommended To Post

  • Family and Medical Leave Act (Required for Employers With 50 or More Employees)
  • INS Discrimination - Department of Justice

NOTE: The USERRA posting is included as a supplemental poster for this state's combined labor law poster due to space constraints.

Note: The poster will containthe most up-to-date information available for general businesses at thetime of order. If the nature of your industry requires special safetyor other special notices, you will need to make separate arrangementsto acquire them. It should also be noted that labor law postingrequirements change from time to time. If there is such a change youwould need to purchase a new poster to be in compliance

Significant Labor Law Poster Updates:

NJ Labor Law Poster Update News, July 2007 -The federal government has increased the federal minimum wagefrom $5.15 per hour to $5.85 an hour. The federal minimum wagewill increase again on July 24th 2008, and once again on July24, 2009 (to $6.55/hr. and $7.25/hr., respectively). The newfederal minimum wage notice incorporates all three of thesescheduled increases.

NJ Labor Law Poster Update News, July 2006 -Thestate of New Jersey has updated its Family Leave Act, DiscriminationPublic Accommodation, and Discrimination in Employment postings withnew agency size requirements.

NJ Labor Law Poster Update News, April 2006 -Thestate of New Jersey has updated its Whistleblower Act and Payment ofWages postings.

NJ Labor Law Poster Update News, January 2006 -Youwill receive the latest edition when you order a New Jersey labor lawposter.The NJ DOL has updated most of their postings with new lawcontent and updated agency information.

Are you in compliance with State and Federal regulations? Click here to find out the most recent update for your State.

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