New Bloodborne Pathogens - The Complete Program (PPE)

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New Bloodborne Pathogens - The Complete Program is a training program that provides a good understanding of bloodborne pathogens, common modes of their transmission, methods of prevention, and other pertinent information. A copy of your company's Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Program is available for your review upon request from your supervisor. Bloodborne Pathogens training is required if you can reasonably anticipate facing contact with blood and/or other potentially infectious materials as part of your job duties, you should receive additional training from your instructor or supervisor including an opportunity for interactive questions and answers. Key Words: Bloodborne Pathogens, BBP, Exposure Control Program, Bloodborne Pathogens Training, Bloodborne Pathogens Infectious Materials, Training by Instructor or Supervisor, Safety Awareness, Safety Video, Safety Training, Safety DVD. Runtime: 35 Min. WITH PURCHASE OF ANY ENGLISH VHS OR DVD YOU WILL RECEIVE A FREE WRITTEN MATERIAL CD-Rom.  The CD-ROM of written materials may include: Leaders Guides, Questions & Answers, Manuals, and Power Points. Contents vary depending on program.

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