Module 1: Safe Docking and Mooring

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Length: 21 Min.
Year Produced:1999
Before arriving at the dock all crewmembers should don their Personal Protective Equipment and move out onto the deck. All lines should be prepared for docking making sure that they will feed out freely.There should always be someone on the dock to receive the line. Some customers may provide assistance from shoreside personnel. Do not attempt to throw the line to the bitt.If the boat is to be moored some distance from the dock a messenger line with a monkey’s fist can be thrown and then hauled in to transfer the mooring line safely to the dock.If you are sharing the bitt or bollard with another vessel feed the eye of the mooring line through the eye of the line already on the bitt and then place the eye over the bitt.This will allow you or the other vessel to quickly remove a line without disturbing the remaining line.While handling lines you must be very conscious of the placement of your hands and feet in proximity to the line. Never put your hand in the bight of the line at the bitt, and watch that you do not step into the bight of the line on the deck with your foot. If the boat surges you can be caught in an instant, resulting in serious injury or death.Never place yourself in a position where the line can pinch you up against the bulwarks or equipment on deck. You will never be able to move quick enough to get out of the way or have the strength to keep the line off you!

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