Maritime Security Awareness for the Inland and Coastal Towing Industries

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Length: 38 Min..
Year Produced: 2004

This 35 minute, 4 part video, with accompanying Facilitator manual and test questions, is designed to provide the required training for Inland and Coastal Vessel and Facility Crews in accordance with the new U.S.C.G. Maritime Security Regulations 33 CFR 104.220, 104.225, 105.210, & 105.215 as well as the AWO Alternative Security Plan.

This training is targeted specifically for crews and personnel with security duties working on inland and coastal waterways, general crewmembers and personnel as well as all contractors boarding or working on site.

Topics covered include
· explanation of MARSEC security levels
· the vessel / facility security plan
· recognition & detection of suspicious individuals, activities, substances & devices
· search & screening procedures
· drills & exercises
· response & reporting procedures
· communication protocols
· security & navigation equipment use and maintenance

This program offers a cost effective alternative to classroom or contractor sponsored training seminars. Costs such as travel expense, salaries, and the loss of productivity associated with crew meetings are alleviated. These programs are ideal for training present employees and can be utilized in new employee orientations to satisfy future compliance requirements.

Supported by an illustrated Facilitator / Student Guide with test questions, each program is available on VHS tape or DVD format.