Man Overboard

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Length: 31 Min.
Year Produced:1996

Man Overboard
A major concern of maritime operations is recovering personnel who have fallen overboard and safely transferring them from the water to the deck of a boat or hatch of a lifeboat. Several new recovery systems are demonstrated along with vessel approach techniques such as the Anderson, Williamson and Race Track Turn methods. Procedures for marking the location of personnel in the water with a flare or life ring are discussed along with alternative rescue methods such as using a personnel basket, or sending a man in the water.

Script Sample
..It is almost impossible to retrieve either a conscious or unconscious victim into a vessel or survival craft without some type of retrieval device. This is due to high freeboards and the increased weight of a water saturated victim.

Fortunately there are now several devices available for quickly retrieving persons from the water into survival craft or rescue vessels.

Let's take a look at a few of these newer devices. This particular system called the "Jason's Cradle" can be quickly deployed on lifeboats and vessels. Once the victim is in place, he or she can be rolled in while maintaining the crucial horizontal position necessary for hypothermic victims.

This Jason's Cradle can also be utilized as a standard boarding ladder, or as a litter to lift injured personnel.

The Crewsaver Rescue Ramp is an inflatable ramp similar to those used on airplanes, which can be quickly attached to life boats and rescue vessels to form a sturdy platform from the deck to the water level.

It allows rescuers to retrieve unconscious victims without getting into the water themselves, creates a platform to perform immediate first aid, and can act as a staging ramp for helicopter retrieval efforts.

The Rescue Ramp can also be used to transfer personnel from one rescue craft to another.

This next "man overboard" retrieval device, called the Life Sling, consists of a buoyant harness with 150 feet of floating line and is designed to be thrown to a man who has fallen overboard from a moving vessel.


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