Man Overboard Prevention for Inland Waterways and Maritime Personnel

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Length: 23 Min.
Year Produced:1997
As a crewman in the towing industry, you are confronted with many different hazards in your workplace, the most prominent among them being the need for crewmembers to regularly perform routine tasks in close proximity to the edge of a boat or barge.Without adequate care a fatal fall overboard can be a consequence. Prevention of man overboard incidents should be the number one goal of every boat crew and company working on the inland waterways. Although no one is sure how many man overboard incidents take place each year, since most non-fatal events go unreported,...we do know that a recent Coast Guard/American Waterways Operators study found that man overboard incidents from a boat or barge account for 83% of all work related fatalities. This means that the majority of deaths in the inland waterways result from falling overboard, while simply performing normal day to day work operationsRecent studies have determined that these accidents are not a factor of weather, time of day, type of vessel, or task undertakenThe evidence points to the following factors.* Lack of orientation and training* Lack of planning and prebriefing* Absence of company policy and procedures* Violation of company policies and procedures* Poor supervision* Lack of adequate communication* Taking shortcuts and poor calculated risks* Failure to recognize hazards and* Inattention to the task at hand.

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