Lifeboat Operation and Survival Practices

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Year Produced:1994

Lifeboat Operation and Survival Practices

Enclosed lifeboats are the primary means of escape on most offshore platforms, rigs and vessels. These survival craft are capable of safely transporting persons through fire, toxic gases and high seas. Only with instruction on proper methods of loading, releasing, handling and maintaining life support systems can these complex survival craft prove effective at saving lives. Topics such as weekly drills, loading of the injured, securing provisions, communicating by radio, setting a heading at sea, utilizing signaling devices, maintaining morale and proper rescue and towing technique will be presented. (20 Minutes)

Script Sample
... A single-line launch system, which is found on Survival System International capsules or what was once known as Whittaker, provides an efficient launch means during an emergency, as well as ease of recovery of the craft during training. The rounder shape of these capsules provide 360 degrees of clear visibility and the ability to turn 180 degrees in less than the capsule's length, at full speed, making it easier to get out of trouble quickly around rig and platform legs.

A double-line launch system utilizes two wires to lower a lifeboat to the water below. Shown here is a Schat/Watercraft lifeboat being deployed. The double line system provides directional control of the craft when waterborne to ensure a rapid "get away" even in hazardous conditions.

Davits are required to raise and lower just about any type of lifeboat found aboard offshore installations and ships. They provide the means of holding the life craft far enough away from the structure, even under conditions of adverse list or trim to enable the craft to be safely lowered to the water.

An "Outrigger" type davit consists of a welded fixed structure which supports the winch and lifeboat over the water allowing for a direct descent to the water surface. It is primarily found on mobile offshore drilling units, or offshore oil platforms.

A widely used launch system on ships with totally enclosed lifeboats is the "Miranda Gravity Davit" which when activated lowers a cradle along inclined trackways into the water. The cradle with its rollers provides protection for the boat and will operate in both inboard and outboard list conditions....

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