Introduction to Vessel and Barge Equipment and Terminology

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Year Produced:1992
Working on the inland and intercoastal waterways as a member of a tow boat, push boat, or tug boat crew is an exciting outdoor job that every day offers new and challenging opportunities. With hard work, a willingness to learn, and a commitment to safety you can develop a rewarding career with outstanding opportunities for advancement to the wheelhouse or engine room......On the corners of most barges you will notice draft readings marked off at one foot increments. These markings indicate how deep in the water the barge is riding and subsequently how much load you have aboard.Electric and gasoline powered barge pumps are utilized to pump out leaking compartments. They can be easily carried and put into service......A capstan is used for hauling in lines that are placed around its barrel. Capstans can be found on the bow or head of tow boats and often at the stern on tugs...

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