Inflatable Buoyant Apparatus Operation and Safety

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Length: 18 Min.
Year Produced:2005
This 20 minute training program is designed as a training guide to the safe installation, deployment and operation of life rafts for the inland waterways and protected waters.An Inflatable Buoyant Apparatus, or IBA, is a life saving device that is designed and certified for use on Passenger and Commercial Fishing vessels that operate in protected or in-shore waters such as rivers, lakes and protected bays.The IBA is a self-inflating life raft that is manufactured in different sizes and rated to accommodate 25, 50 or 100 passengers or crewmembers. IBA’s may be found on ferryboats, excursion or gaming boats, commercial fishing vessels, or tug and towboats.Developed with a leading life raft manufacturer, this Video or DVD, with accompanying written Facilitator Guide and test questions, is ideal for training current and future employees while on the job and will be an excellent addition to new employee orientations. Topics covered include explanation of the proper installation of the IBA, procedures for deploying the IBA, and emergency abandonment procedures. This program is an essential tool for the training of all crewmembers working aboard vessels equipped with an Inflatable Buoyant Apparatus.

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