How To Communicate Effectively 5-Min Video

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Description: Quick 5-Min Video on How To Communicate Effectively.

how to communicate effectively 5 min video

Excerpt: Letting people express their opinion to you as a supervisor,you should be proud to have them to do that because you have open honestcommunication. They may have an idea, they may know how to do the job betterbecause their the professional doing it, and you don’t know all of the answers,and when they come to you with ideas, as a team, your brain power, together,becomes a magnet of power, and you can’t be stopped. That’s what I’m lookingfor.

We all know that communication is the foundation ofleadership. There are hundreds of ways we communicate with speech, hands, eyes,body language, direction, the way we talk, the way we listen, and many manymore. This video will review the very basic ideas about communication. As asupervisor your effectiveness depends somewhat on your verbal skills, yourattitude towards people, non-verbal gestures, signals, and of course yourlistening skills. Employees listen to your words, but they also watch what yourdoing. They learn your likes, your dislikes, what upsets you, and how well youperform your job. This is communication. Consistency is one factor in effectivecommunication. There are four communication barriers, or problem areas, whichtend to prevent good communication. First, not recognizing the need tocommunicate. Listening, but not really listening, not talking the samelanguage. And lack of skill in communicating.

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