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Length of Video(in Minutes): 16
Publisher: Digital-2000, Inc.
Description: Introduction to the basics of HAZWOPER requirements, laws, and regulations. Provides minimum emergency plan requirements and identifies regulations applicable to HAZWOPER. Excellent program to introduce or refresh personnel in HAZWOPER responsibilities.

hazwoper orientation video dvd

HAZWOPER Orientation Video and DVD Excerpt: Before we begin let's take a moment to explain why you're here and why this training is so important. Over 70,000 chemicals are used by industry. Some 15,000 chemicals are made in industrial laboratories on a large scale today, and between 500 and 1000 new chemicals are introduced each year. These simple statistics provide the basis for increased awareness, training, and responsibility when working with any type of chemicals. As the environment becomes more fragile and our responsibilities in protecting the environment and people increase training becomes absolutely critical in meeting these responsibilities. No matter how technologically advanced we've become with improved machines, equipment, and processes, theirs always the threat of an unplanned emergency. In emergencies human factors and specifically the training of those persons working in and around hazardous materials must be of the highest caliber and intensity. The more you know, the better you'll be able to react to emergencies. Your training can be the difference between successful containment or prevention of the emergency. HAZWOPER actually means; hazardous waste operations and emergency response. We'll discuss what this means, and explain your responsibilities in meeting these laws, rules, and procedures. The objective of HAZWOPER training is to provide the information necessary to help each and every person involved with hazardous materials to be able to respond effectively to any emergency. Now you may say "I'm not involved with hazardous waste", "I only work with petroleum products". Different government agencies like OSHA and the EPA regard these materials as hazardous waste if they are spilled, so everyone is involved.

hazwoper orientation video dvd training

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