Handling Hazardous Materials Video
Handling Hazardous Materials Video

Handling Hazardous Materials Video

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Classification: Regulatory Compliance
Length of Video(in Minutes): 23
Year Produced: 2004
Publisher: MARCOM Group Ltd., The
Description: MARCOM's "Handling Hazardous Materials" HAZWOPER Videotape Program assists facilities in complying with the employee training requirements of OSHA's HAZWOPER regulation (29 CFR 1910.120), and instructs employees on how to work safely with the chemicals that they encounter in their jobs. Hazardous materials and waste are part of many work situations, and can be found on many types of job sites. OSHA feels that it is so important for employees to know how to recognize these potentially dangerous substances (as well as how to handle and dispose of them properly) they have mandated that anyone working with these substances receive comprehensive training in this area. In 1976, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) to regulate the handling of hazardous waste "from cradle to grave". Since then other regulations have followed, including OSHA's 29 CFR 1910.120, also known as HAZWOPER. As part of these regulations, there are varying requirements for employee training, depending on an employee's specific level of involvement with hazardous materials.

Areas in the program include physical hazards, flammables and combustibles, explosives and oxidizers, corrosives and irritants, toxic substances and carcinogens, acute and chronic health effects, container labels and MSDS’s, emergency response and spillage/leakage/accident procedures, and more. The Videotape Program comes with a comprehensive Leader's Guide, reproducible Scheduling & Attendance Form, Employee Quiz, Training Log and Training Certificate. The Program can be used as the basis for approximately two hours of classroom training.

handling hazardous materials video dvd hazwoper

Handling Hazardous Materials Video and DVD Excerpt: Hazardous materials are all around us everyday. Even simple activities like cleaning your home can expose you do dangerous chemicals. Areas that appear safe such as your kitchen or garage often contain a number of hazardous materials, ranging from tile cleaners to charcoal briquettes. At home, these hazards exist on a small scale, but at work hazardous chemicals can frequently be found in large quantities as well. They can also exist in more concentrated forms, which makes them even more dangerous. This is why you need to be especially cautious when you are using chemicals on the job. You must know how to properly handle the chemicals you work with. Because accidents caused by handling harmful substances can result in serious injuries, even death. In order to know how to handle a dangerous chemical you need to now what it's characteristics are, and what makes it hazardous. According to OSHA's communication standard a hazardous chemical is defined as any material that poses a physical or a health hazard. Physical hazards get their name from their hazardous physical characteristics, such as; flammability, oxidization, combustibility and explosiveness. These are all attribute that are measurable under laboratory conditions. Health hazards are difficult to measure in a laboratory. More often they are identified by how they affect the body. If a material causes illness or death then it is labeled a health hazard. Health hazards can cause a broad range of problems, from shortness of breath to neurological conditions to health failure.

handling hazardous materials video dvd hazwoper

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