Hand, Wrist & Finger Safety Video
Hand, Wrist & Finger Safety Video

Hand, Wrist & Finger Safety Video

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Classification: General Safety & Health
Length of Video(in Minutes): 13
Year Produced: 2011
Publisher: MARCOM Group Ltd., The
Description: MARCOM's "Hand, Wrist and Finger Safety" Videotape Program reviews hand, wrist and finger hazards and helps employees to take the steps necessary to avoid them. Each year over 500,000 people injure their hands, wrists or fingers. Nearly one out of four "on-the-job" accidents involve these parts of the body. To help reduce these problems it is important for employees to learn about the most common hazards to these areas of the body. The includes information on physiology of the hand, wrist and fingers, identification of common hazards, proper work procedures, tool use and maintenance, using personal protective equipment, injuries and first aid, and more. The Videotape Program comes with a comprehensive Leader's Guide, reproducible Scheduling & Attendance Form, Employee Quiz, Training Certificate and Training Log.

hand wrist finger safety video

Excerpt: Look around any worksite. Whether we’re working with asimple tool like a hammer, or a piece of complex machinery, our hands, wrists,and fingers help us get the job done. We need to be careful though. Every daywe face a variety of hazards. Machinery that can pull and smash a hand. Toolswith the potential to rip through protective gloves, and coercive materialsthat can eat through skin. Hazardous situations come in all shapes and sizes,if we’re not on the lookout, these situations can lead to real trouble. Everyyear thousands of people suffer injuries to the hands, wrists, and fingers. We’veall felt the initial pain of an injury. But with any accident pain is just thebeginning. With a serious cut, for instance, there is often a long period ofrecuperation filled with extensive sessions of physical therapy. Even after thewound has healed, it can still take several weeks before you’re back to normal.Reducing the risk of accidents can be simple, but it takes an effort. We needto take special care of our hands. They’re tool valuable too lose. To help usunderstand how our hands can be injured we should take a look at how they work.

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