First Aid Video
First Aid Video

First Aid Video

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Classification: General Safety & Health
Length of Video(in Minutes): 15
Year Produced: 2011
Publisher: MARCOM Group Ltd., The

MARCOM's "First Aid" Videotape Program shows employees that knowing basic first aid can often limit the severity of any type of injury, or even prevent a death. In most facilities, not a day goes by without some type of injury occurring. It can be as serious as a chemical burn, or as minor as a small cut. But any injury can be painful and affect an employee's work performance... as well as their life off the job. The Videotape includes information on cuts and bleeding, muscle pulls and sprains, burns, broken bones, shock, artificial respiration and CPR, and more. The Videotape Program comes with a comprehensive Leader's Guide, reproducible Scheduling & Attendance Form, Employee Quiz, Training Certificate and Training Log.

first aid safety video basic dvd

First Aid Safety Video and DVD Excerpt: A sliver of metal embeds itself in a worker's eye. A warehouse worker falls victim to the summer heat. A friend at lunch starts choking on a sandwich. What do you do? Well, you do your best. You do what it takes to keep things from getting worse. You perform first aid. You don't need to be a caped crusader like Batman, you just need to act quickly, and know your stuff. One day you may face one of these first aid situations, you may even be the victim. No safety plan is perfect, not even one that includes personal protective equipment. We need to remember accidents can still happen. Let's start simple. Say something gets in your eye, and your eye's watering wont get it out. Try this; pull your upper lid from the eyeball, this should cause the particle to drift down from the lower lid, then simply remove the intruder with a piece of sterile gauze. Don't try to get to an object that has embedded itself into the eye, just touching it can dig it in deeper. Instead calm the victim and place a cup over the injured eye. Wrap a bandage over both eyes, this will increase the likelihood of keeping the injured eye still. Remember both eyes work as a team whenever you look at something. Relax the victim until medical help arrives.

first aid safety video basic dvd

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