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Description: The main focus of this program is preparation for training employees, follow-up training, and types of training most effective in the work environment. Emphasis on the need for supervisor participation in the training process. Each subject focuses on maximum efficiency to save time, effort, and money.



Training and development are areas of great concern to thesupervisor. The efficiency, safety, and even the morale of the employee dependsupon how well the supervisor trains his or her employees. Make no mistake.Training is the supervisor’s responsibility. In some companies professional trainersprovide basic and specialty training, but it’s the supervisor’s responsibilityto ensure all employees receive the proper training when these trainingsessions are provided.

employee training responsibility video

A Supervisor’s Training

Before we get into the specifics of employee training let’stalk about supervisor training. Before you can teach you must have theknowledge to teach. Many supervisors neglect this important fact and fail toobtain proper training for their job. Don’t be afraid to ask for training. Lackof knowledge on a particular subject doesn’t infer you’re a bad supervisor. Youwere promoted to the supervisor’s position for your knowledge, supervisoryskills, and other attributes associated with supervisor responsibilities. Youdon’t have to know all things all the time. If you need additional knowledge,training, or assistance don’t be hesitant about asking experienced employees.They will be more than happy to help you learn new information and skills. Manysupervisors mistakenly believe that asking an employee about a particularmachine or process is showing weakness or a lack of knowledge. Asking for helpis a strength, not a weakness. If you’re not knowledgeable about something askyour boss, staff members, and employees. Stumbling around in the dark aboutsomething because you were afraid to ask someone is much worse, and is aleadership deficiency. Find out what training is available to you through thecompany, then take advantage of it. Someone who

Learn On Your Own

Next, learn on your own. How many newly promoted supervisorstry to learn more about their new position by reading new books, and gettingoutside education? If you want to get ahead, you do. Don’t expect the companyto provide every bit of training you’re going to need as a supervisor. You’re amature professional, and if it means going to the library or night school afterhours to brush up on knowledge then that’s what you should do.

Training & Development

We mentioned training & development at the beginning ofthis program. That seems like a catchy phrase, but what is the differencebetween training and development? Training programs focus on the preparation ofthe employee….

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