Emergency Marine Distress Signals

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Length: 25 Min..
Year Produced:2001

Emergency Marine Distress Signals

Regardless of Vessel or Offshore Installation size the sea is unpredictable and without warning can place the lives of all crewmembers in jeopardy. In addition, unforeseen accidents such as fires, equipment malfunctions and capsizing can trigger an emergency evacuation of personnel.

It is vital for crews to understand and train in the use of marine distress signals; from Radio Communication and visual markers such as Flares, Smokes or Rockets, to electronic locators such as EPIRBs and SARTs. In this two-part, 25 minute program, maritime employees will learn how to rapidly notify Search and Rescue authorities to their emergency and assist them by quickly guiding rescue craft to their location. This is vital compliance training that can literally save the crew's life!

Radio Communication Flare Smoke EPIRB SART

The latest hi-tech training, inspection and maintenance information on electronic signaling systems such as GMDSS, GPS equipped EPIRBS, SARTs, portable VHF emergency units and MayDay reporting protocols are thoroughly presented. Long and Short distance Pyrotechnic devices including rockets, flares, and smokes are demonstrated in realistic working conditions. Alternative signaling methods and survival are taught including the effective use of a heliograph (mirror), whistle, strobe light, splashing and donning of life jackets and immersion suits. The program concludes with instruction on the use of Line Throwing Devices (Speedline) to assist in the rescue of personnel and ships.

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