Detecting Weapons of Mass Destruction

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Part Number: DW0303

Provides training to special operations units such as hazmat teams, bomb squads, tactical units, National Guard troops, and other emergency responders who may be called upon to carry out monitoring and sampling activities at a suspected WMD incident in order to help identify the weapons used.

* Focuses on equipment used as part of initial emergency response operations:
* Dosimeters
* Radiation pagers
* Contamination survey instruments
* Spectrometry
* M8/M9 paper
* High speed chromotography
* Hazmat Smart Strips
* Infrared technology
* Biological sampling kits
* many more! Also:
* The complexities of detecting for weapons of mass destruction
* Detection priorities
* Technologies used to monitor for radiation, explosives, chemical weapons and biological weapons
* The advantages and limitations of each type of technology is discussed
* How to avoid false positives
* How to document findings
* Guide included

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