Crew Endurance Management for Maritime Employees

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Length: 20 Min.
Year Produced:2003
Recent incidents have focused attention on all industries within the transportation sector for the need of continuous im-provement in operating practices. The Maritime industry has the opportunity now to take positive, proactive steps to develop operating practices that may lessen crew endurance risk factors and improve the quality of life for our people.The good news is that Crew Endurance Management implementation is a proactive step that each and every one of us can take right now to address this issue. The time is right, the US Coast Guard has offered its support and resources; there is no reason to wait!As a crewmember in the maritime industry, you are well aware of the many positive attributes that your job has to offer, beautiful surroundings, flexible work schedules, good pay and benefits, professional hard working crewmates, and job security. For many crewman, work life on the rivers, waterways and oceans of the world has been a calling for many generations in their family and provides a level of satisfaction found now where else.However it seems that in today’s fast paced, 24 hour economy that everyone is complaining about how their job is stressful both mentally and physically. How many times have you heard your neighbor, relative, or spouse complain about how tired they are?Well for a few folks the situation can be just as taxing with in the Maritime Industry. From time to time we run into situations on the waterways that challenge us, potentially causing fatigue, which in turn can lead to decreased endurance. What you may not be aware of is that fatigue is not the only factor affecting endurance.Crew endurance refers to the ability of a crew to maintain performance within safety limits while coping with job-related operational, physiological, psychological, and environmental challenges.Crew endurance is now being studied scientifically by experts in the medical and management fields. The results of these studies point to a variety of contributing factors, which we will present throughout this program.In general the incidence of Maritime accidents has been steadily declining in the last few years. As all companies strive to raise the safety bar even higher crew endurance management is a fertile area to address.Minimizing the possibility of maritime accidents requires a shared responsibility between crewmembers and managers – from changing daily work and personal habits on the part of crewmembers, to making environmental, operational, and engineering enhancements on the part of management. The solutions can be complex, and can require training, planning, and communication not only between company management and vessel masters, but also between masters and crewmembers. Following the recommendations outlined in this program can help you control the risk factors that affect crew endurance, and thereby ensure safe levels of performance and safety.

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