Crane Safety Video
Crane Safety Video

Crane Safety Video

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Classification: General Safety & Health
Length of Video(in Minutes): 18
Year Produced: 2010
Publisher: MARCOM Group Ltd., The
Description: MARCOM's "Crane Safety" Videotape Program points out to employees that over 90% of crane-related accidents are caused by human error... and that they are the key to preventing these construction industry related incidents. While there are many different types of Cranes, they all have the ability to make many jobs much easier by lifting enormous weight. But they also share the potential for disaster when they are not operated safely. Crane-related accidents can often be deadly, due to the cumbersome and heavy loads that are lifted. A small miscalculation, or a brief moment of inattention, and tragedy could strike. Once a load falls, not much can be done to stop it, and there is little time for people to move safely out of the way. A coworker could be injured or killed, and expensive equipment or materials could be damaged or destroyed... even the crane itself. The Videotape includes information on physical and mental preparation, equipment inspection, hazard assessment, boom cranes, jib cranes, overhead cranes, general and operational safety devices, crane operations, hand signals, and more. The Videotape Training Program comes with a comprehensive Leader's Guide, reproducible Scheduling & Attendance Form, Employee Quiz, Training Certificate and Training Log.

crane safety video dvd

Crane Safety Video and DVD Excerpt: We lift and move things every day. We can handle mostobjects by ourselves without the use of machines. But sometimes arm strengthjust isn’t enough. Many times it takes more power to get the big jobs done.That’s why we use Cranes. You might find one type of crane right in your ownbackyard. Hang a rope over a tree limb and you can make the simplest kind ofcrane. But working with industrial cranes requires a lot more knowledge. There aremany types of cranes. Although they share similarities, they also have importantdifferences. Let’s take a closer look. Most industrial cranes fall into threebasic categories: overhead cranes, jib cranes, and boom cranes. Overhead cranesare attached to support platforms or the walls of buildings. These cranes movealong bridges to carry their loads, usually in a straight line. Unlike othercranes they usually don’t have much range of motions.

crane safety video dvd

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