Basic Rigging for Offshore Cranes

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...Now it's time to look at the basic principles of how lifting capacity of a sling depends upon its size, configuration, and the angles formed above the load.Every lift you encounter uses one of there basic hitches: the straight, choker and basket hitch. The first one we will discuss is the straight or vertical hitch which simply uses a sling to connect the lifting hook to a load the total weight of the load is carried by the sling at an angle of 90 degrees.When lifting with a straight sling, thimbles should be used in the eyes for protection and it should only be used on equipment with lifting pad eyes, bolts or shackles. A tag line is essential for controlling the path of the load and preventing it from rotating. A single vertical hitch should not be used for lifting loose, lengthy, or difficult-to-balance materials since it provides only a single source of support.When 2, 3, or 4 vertical hitches are used to lift a load equipped....

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