Asbestos exposure continues to be a significant problem, one that can slowly lead to a number of potentially fatal health conditions. A naturally occurring mineral, asbestos offers unique strength, fire resistance, and insulation abilities. While asbestos use is now highly regulated, the presence of asbestos materials often goes unnoticed. Nevada Technical Associates' asbestos educational and training videos provide thorough education on all aspects of asbestos handling and awareness.

The video format serves as a perfect educational tool, allowing for an easy and comprehensive learning experience. Topics covered include identification, health symptoms that may arise as a result of long term exposure, safety procedures for removal, regulation compliance, and much more. Employers, educators, and others use Nevada Technical Associates’ asbestos educational products to help create a safe and healthy environment. This education is particularly important for those who work in the construction and manufacturing industry, as well as those who have spent long periods of time in older buildings. Asbestos removal requires a highly specific approach, one that needs to be taken seriously.

The engaging nature of our videos helps hold users’ interests and assists them in retaining the knowledge they gain. Asbestos exposure is a major focus of the Occupational and Safety Health Administration, making asbestos education and removal one of the most important topics an organization can focus on. Our product line meets a wide variety of educational needs and is available in DVD, VHS, and print formats. We also have educational materials such as tests, fact sheets, and important regulation information available. For more information on asbestos products from Nevada Technical Associates, please call 702-371-5387.
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Asbestos Awareness Video
Asbestos Awareness DVD