Accident Prevention

Providing your staff with the proper safety training is essential to creating a safe working environment for all of your employees, as well as to meet state and federal workplace safety guidelines. Nevada Technical Associates provides training videos on a variety of topics, including safety audits, accident investigations, accident prevention, environmental responsibility, and safety in an office environment. The videos are tailored to both employees and supervisors, so you can give each person the training specific to their needs. Videos cover each of the topics thoroughly, briefing employees on safety requirements and providing several case scenarios to walk them through how to identify safety risks and to create a safer working environment. The videos can be used in conjunction with on-site training, or they can provide a basic training program all on their own. Follow up with your own assessment tools, if you so desire.
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Safety Audits Video
Safety Audits Safety Meeting Kit
Accident Investigation Video
What Is Carelessness? Video