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supervisor safety dvd

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Safety Tips for New Safety Supervisors. Hello. If you've recently been asked to manage the safety program of your company. Perhaps you don't know where to begin. Well you don't have to be a trained safety expert to run a successful safety program. The following information is a collection of ideas gleamed from safety professionals. Suggestions that will help you reduce employee injuries and costs. we'll be talking about identifying hazards in your workplace, setting up an effective accident prevention program, safety committees, new hire safety training, inspections, medical management of worker compensation cases, accident investigations, and dealing with regulatory agencies. The cost of insurance is one of the most significant expenses in business today. Whether you have an insurance policy or you're self-insured for workers compensation, it pays to have an effective safety program. An effetive program identifies you as an effective manager in your company.

The first thing we must do is look at the operation and find out where the real hazards are. We can accomplish this in several ways. One way is through statistics. Your organization is probably required to keep an OSHA 200 log of industrial injuries. It should be current and it will tell you a lot about types of injuries and what departments are the most effective. Another source is company accident or incident reports. If these are not available you should consider implementing this function. Also, your insurance company or workers compensation administrator probably publishes a periodical report or loss run that describes injuries, costs paid to date, case status, and expected total cost. This last resource can also be used to help you compile statistical information such as the amount of lost time incurred, the average cost per individual claim, and losses as a percent of sales dollars. This last item mentioned is guaranteed to gain the attention of upper management. Statistics are important to the safety management function. They are a sign post. They indicate performence, and they can tell us where to apply our efforts. One more method of hazard identification is called the GOAL method of management: Go, Out, And, Look. Walk through the work areas and talk to employees and managers. Insurance company loss control specialists can help you in this area, and point out many items that may not be obvious to you.

Now that we've identified the hazards in our workplace it's time to begin an accident prevention program. The key here is to apply meaningful loss control activities that specifically address the hazards we've focused on. Prevention is the key. It's cheaper to prevent an accident or injury than it is to pay for the results later. It's not a bad idea to have your company's safety rules and procedures in a manual, but a safety manual is not an activity, and most safety manuals end up collecting dust in a manager's office. A manual is ok if it serves as a foundation for loss control activity. Safety committees can be effective in some companies simply because they get people involved. However, many safety committees eventually fail because of lack of upper management support to fix what the committee has uncovered. The purpose of the committee is to observe, report, and recommend action. Membership should be rotated periodically. Members should be recognized for their efforts, and safety committees should never be a substitute for good, fundamental management. Official regulations about the general and specific hazards they may encounter in their work, and what better time to do this than during a new hire orientation process. Most forward-thinking companies incorporate a fair amount of safe work practice training into the orientation process using films, slide, video, or lecture. Free employment physical examinations help identify the capabilities of the job candidate and match them to the job being offered. The price of a routine exam could save your company thousands of dollars in the long term, and save your prospective employee the agony of an unnecessary injury. Employers and employees will benefit from drug and alcohol abuse programs, wellness programs, and educational efforts to protect people at home as well as in work.

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supervisor safety dvd

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