Laboratory Radiation Safety Video & Laboratory Radiation Safety DVD

Laboratory Radiation Safety Video & DVD

An informative 68 minute Video/DVD on Radiation Safety Training In the Laboratory

Laboratory Radiation Safety Video is a comprehensive 68 minute course on how to reduce your radiation exposure in laboratory settings. This course presents safe work practices that you can use in the lab that will minimize the chance of spreading radioactive contamination and minimize the risk of contaminating yourself. The proper usage of radiation safety instruments is demonstrated, as well as the proper method of containing and cleaning spills involving radioactive isotopes.

This particular course was prepared in January of 2006. It is the most comprehensive and up-to-date treatment of radiation safety in the laboratory currently available.

(The sample clip below is a compressed version of the original footage from laboratory radiation safety video/dvd. This has been done to allow for easier Internet viewing. The videotape/dvd that you will receive is produced in a high quality, high resolution format.)

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Course Contents

This laboratory radiation safety course is available both in video and VHS. It is an excellent and comprehensive treatment of the subject of laboratory radiation safety. The DVD version contains a menu that makes it possible to easily select any of the 12 chapters of the presentation, or you can play everything from the beginning. The 12 chapters indexed in the menu are:

1. Introduction
2. Time Distance and Shielding
3. Personal Protective Equipment
4. Safe Work Practices for Laboratory Radiation Safety
5. Preparing Your Work Area
6. Cleaning Up Your Work Area
7. Radiation and Contamination Surveys
8. Smear Wipe Surveys
9. Radiation Surveys
10. Dealing with Spills
11. Cleaning Up Spills
12. Conclusion

Laboratory Radiation Safety Video/DVD is packaged with an instructor's guide, chapter outline, 10 training certificates, and a reproducible quiz.

Laboratory Radiation Safety DVD

Tips on radiation safety in the lab

When working with radioactive isotopes in the lab you will want to use reasonable precautions. This principle is known as ALARA, or as low as reasonably achievable. To achieve this you must employ proper radiation safety by practicing: Time, Distance, and Shielding. Wearing the proper protective equipment such as gloves and a lab coat. You should wear personal dosimetry to monitor your radiation exposure especially if you are working with isotopes where that's necessary. You should use good work practices, organize your work area so you don't knock things over to minimize the chance of contaminating yourself, and survey yourself frequently while you're working with isotope, as well as survey your equipment and work area when you're done so you can make sure you have not spread contamination or contaminated yourself. Every so often you will have to do either radiation surveys or contamination surveys. When you do that you should make sure you are using the right type of meter, make sure that it is in calibration, make sure that you do your normal pre-use checks, and then survey Low and Slow. Keep the probe close to the surface that you are surveying, and you don't want to move the probe too quickly, if you do you might miss some contamination. Keep the probe about a half inch above the surface and move it at about 3-5 centimeters per second or 1-2 inches per second. If you do have an accident. If you do have a spill or skin contamination remember the immediate actions. The actions can be remembered quickly by using the acronym SWIM: Stop the spill, Warn others, Isolate the area, and Minimize exposure. Also, remember CCC: Contact radiation safety, get a good Count rate, and Clean it up. If you follow these precautions, use laboratory radiation safety video and/or DVD, and take these actions then you're going to minimize your exposure to radiation, minimize the contamination to your laboratory environment and work much more safely and efficiently.

Other Helpful Resources

1. Free Radiation Safety Manual prepared and approved by the CDC Radiation Safety Committee.

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